Want to play Centurion with friends during COVID-19 / coronavirus lockdown?

As we're all encouraged to stay home, there's no reason you can't play Centurion with your friends. Don't worry - there's an easy solution.

Get your friends to join you on a group video call such as Google Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans etc. Now load up CenturionCountdownTimer.com on your computer and share your screen on the call. If your calling software gives the option, only share the tab with CenturionCountdownTimer.com running (this means your friends can see the timer at all times, even if you change tabs).

I hope this little project that I built a few years back provides you with some entertainment during these challenging times. Hit me with a tweet or message to let me know if you've played this over a video call, or if you have any feedback for making this better.

Stay safe, friends.

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