Centurion, (AKA Century Club, Century Challenge, One-Hunzy-Hunzy, Chicken of the North, Hundred's Club, Century Clock), is a drinking game. The rules are pretty simple - drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.

This timer will count each minute down and sound a bell when it's time for your next shot. A counter will display the amount of shots that you have completed so you can track your progress.

Want something a bit easier than Centurion? Try a Power Hour instead.

You'll hear a bell when it's time to take a shot but this sound won't play in some cases. It's recommended to turn on desktop notifications so that you don't miss a shot. This only works on desktop and won't work if you're playing on your phone.

Get ready for your first shot in 10

Until next shot

Shots complete


Congratulations, you're now a certified Centurion.